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"There is nothing but you, the magical landscape with its varied roads, the roar of a classic engine that takes you back to the beginning, while putting a big smile on your face. For us, this means escape from everyday life, adventure and gaining experience."

The motorcycles

During the rebuilding of the motorcycles, we preserved their classic character, refurbished the outdated parts, and made them reliable and suitable for touring again with regular maintenance. So you can boldly embark on a new adventure with them.

The ride

The incomparable torque and sound of the classic R BMWs have already made the hearts of many motorcyclists beat faster, just like ours. Get into the saddle of a classic BMW and experience the pure riding, which is all about you, the bike and the road.

The discovery

Get to know the magical world of classic R BMW motorcycles, choose and rent our motorcycle that suits you best. Discover new places with our rebuilt motorbikes, gain new experiences, as you have never done before!

Our motorcycles

Although our BMW motorcycles are almost identical on paper, there are still some small differences that make them a completely unique experience when riding a motorcycle. We call this the soul of motorcycles, because it is this individuality that makes our journeys with them special and memorable for us.






Motorcycle rental

Choose and rent our classic R BMW motorcycles that suits you best, and experience their magical world! Discover new places and gain new experiences with them, as you have never done before.

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Our motorcycles