VMC | Vintage Motorcycle Company

We like to ride motorbikes, to enjoy carefree freedom, to break away from everyday life into the unknown. A vintage motorcycle, company and the right environment are indispensable for the unadulterated feeling of motorcycling.

There is nothing but you, the magical landscape with its varied roads and the roar of an old engine, its unmistakable sound, its unparalleled torque, which takes you back to the beginning, while putting a big smile on your face.

When we wanted to go back to the beginning, we decided to build ourselves a couple of vintage BMW motorcycles. Already on the first trip, we felt that we had rediscovered long-forgotten feelings and adventures.

We thought we would share this with our friends and then the experience was complete.

Kalocsa Miklós

Founder, Engineering Manager​

Kalocsa Kristóf

Founder, Project Manager​