Information on Application

Vintage Motorcycle Company - The Vintage Riders

1. Conditions of paying the fee

Upon the establishment of the travel agreement, the Traveler shall make an advance payment in the amount of 50% of the complete participation fee. The remaining amount shall be paid at the latest 35 calendar days before the date of departure indicated in the information document or a separate notification, VMC does not send any remainder to pay the remaining amount. If the Traveler fails to pay the complete participation fee before this date, VMC may consider the order as cancelled and may charge a cost of cancellation in accordance with the provisions of Section 3 of this Agreement. If the Traveler applies to the trip at least 90 days before the day of departure and pays the complete participation fee in one instalment, it may receive an Early Booking reduction of 5%, provided that such reduction has been indicated in the trip description.

The Traveler shall inform VMC on any special or unique demand, request or condition before the application.

2. Participation fees

The participation fee shall include the price of the services detailed in the information document of the trip, the cost of organization and the value-added tax. The participation fee shall not include the fee of facultative programs, the cost of passport, the cost of visa (if applicable) and any spending money.

In case of any significant increase in taxes, duties, common charges and currency exchange rates related to the travel services, VMC may increase the participation fee 20 days before the start of the travel. If the fees are increased by more than 8%, the Traveler may withdraw from the travel agreement in writing within 3 calendar days after being notified on the increase. In this case, the already paid participation fee shall be completely returned to the Traveler.

The Traveler shall comply with the provisions of the applicable laws and regulations (on passports, visa, customs, foreign currencies, health care, etc.). The Traveler shall be liable for any damage and additional cost resulting from the breach of the above provision.

The Traveler shall inform VMC on the regulations on passports, visa, customs, foreign currencies and health care applied by the transit and destination countries upon request if the Traveler is a citizen of a Member State of the European Union. Citizens of other countries, stateless persons and double citizens may request information at the competent diplomatic representation.



3. Conditions of cancellation

The Traveler may cancel the participation at the trip free of charge at the latest 60 days before departure. If the participation is cancelled within 60 days before departure, the following cancellation fees shall be applicable:

25% of the participation fee in case of a cancellation within 60-35 days;

50% of the participation fee in case of a cancellation within 34-24 days;

75% of the participation fee in case of a cancellation within 23-15 days;

100% of the participation fee in case of a cancellation within 14 days or in case of the failure of the cancellation.

The participation fees of the travels and trips organized by VMC do not include any insurance for trip cancellation. Information on the optional trip cancellation insurance provided by Európai Utazási Biztosító Zrt, Allianz Biztosító Zrt. or Generali Biztosító Zrt. may be requested from KOCKÁZAT + BIZTONSÁG Alkusz Kft (Kisteleki u. 107., Székesfehérvár 8000, Hungary; company registration number: 07-09-012005; email:; telephone: +36 30 957 8077).

The above cancellation fees shall also be applicable for the case when the Traveler wishes to change for another trip or date, except for the case when the right for changing was offered by VMC. In case of any change within 60 days before the start of the trip, the Traveler shall pay a fee of 15,000 HUF per person.

If the withdrawal from the agreement takes place during the trip, or if the participation of the Traveler fails because of the non-compliance with the applicable regulations (on passports, visa, customs, foreign currencies, etc.), the Traveler may not receive any return of payment.

VMC may withdraw from the agreement at least 20 days before starting the trip without being obliged to return any payment if the number of Travelers does not reach the minimal planned number (4 persons in case of motorcycle trips). In this case, it shall return the already paid advance payment, and to pay an interest proportionally in a rate equal to the central bank interest rate applicable on the last day of the concerned half calendar year. In addition, VMC may withdraw from the agreement if the completion of the trip would constitute a direct or indirect threat to the health and safety of the Travelers.

VMC may withdraw from the travel agreement and exclude any Traveler from the trip who is disturbing or endangering, intentionally or with gross negligence, the relaxation, health, safety, interests or travel of other travelers, or the performance of the travel agreement or the programs, after warning the concerned Traveler. In this case, the Traveler shall arrange its return journey to home and compensate the damages suffered by VMC.

4. Insurance

The financial security prescribed by statutory provisions is available for VMC as a travel insurance at Európai Utazási Biztosító Zrt. Insurance policy number: ……………… amount: 5,000,000 or five million HUF (domestic: 5,000,000 or five million HUF). The spatial scope of the financial security shall cover each domestic and foreign motorcycle trip organized by VMC. For the case when VMC becomes insolvent, the financial security shall cover only the return of the advance payment and the participation fee.

The Travelers may take out a health, accident and baggage insurance for the trips at Kockázat+Biztonság Alkusz Kft. (address: Kisteleki utca 107, Székesfehérvár 8000, Hungary; VAT number: 13686550; European Unique Identifier: HUOCCSZ.07-09-012005; email: kocká; phone: +36 30 957 8077). The Traveler shall be liable for any damage caused for any third party by the Traveler during the duration of the trip. Traveler insurance and vehicle assistance insurance are not included by our participation fees, but except for foreign citizens, taking them is necessary for establishing the agreement (current version of the current Traveler Insurance of Európai Utazási Biztosító Zrt., Allianz Biztosító Zrt. or Generáli Biztosító Zrt.). If the Traveler declares in writing that it has already taken a separate insurance for the concerned period, no travel insurance must be taken.

5. Faulty performance

The Traveler shall inform the Trip Guide on the faulty performance of any service undertaken in the agreement immediately after the discovery of such fault, the Traveler shall be liable for any damage resulting from any delay in informing the Trip Guide. The Trip Guide shall prepare a record on the claim and provide the Traveler with a copy. Any claim for damages shall be submitted by the Traveler in writing addressed to VMC within 7 days after returning. One copy of the record prepared by the Trip Guide of VMC shall be attached therein.

The Traveler may not receive return if it has decided not to participate in a travel service at its own choice.

VMC shall compensate for any damage resulting from a breach of the agreement, unless it proves that it has acted for the sake of the performance of the agreement as generally expected in the certain situation.

The Travel shall ensure the safekeeping and supervision of its own personal belongings. The above provision shall not be applicable for belongings explicitly accepted by the Trip Guide for safekeeping.

In exceptional cases, VMC may change the accommodation within the same category, and to replace the programs with programs of similar value and nature.

If a facultative program is cancelled because of the inadequate number of visitors, VMC shall return the participation fee of the program.

The amount paid as compensation for damages caused by VMC shall not exceed the amount of the participation fee.

VMC shall not be liable for the occurrence of any external event outside its control (“force majeure”) such as wars, natural disasters, epidemics, strikes, etc., and it shall not be liable for any failure of the performance of the services resulting from these reasons. Any additional cost resulting from the above reasons shall be borne by the Traveler. VMC shall not be liable for any damage resulting from any change resulting from force majeure events, but it shall return the paid amount of the participation fee proportionally, and to provide assistance for the Traveler in case of any difficulty resulting from the above events. In such cases, the statement issued by the competent official bodies shall prevail.


6. Miscellaneous

The Warsaw Convention was promulgated by Act XIX of 1964, the Bern Convention by Act II of 1986, and the Montreal Convention by Act VII of 2005, which conventions are limiting the liability of intermediaries.

The trips and journeys organized by VMC are not suitable for individuals with reduced mobility.

VMC reserves the right to modify the program if required by local conditions (e.g. feasts, traffic, weather) or technical reasons (failure of the motorcycle). The actual calculated cost of any cancelled program shall be returned by VMC subsequently.

In relation to the obligations of VMC, any location or program description, leaflet or information document not issued by VMC itself shall be considered as invalid, VMC shall not be liable for their content, and VMC shall not complete them fully or partially.

VMC expects each Traveler to comply with the provided meeting times.

In case of any legal debate or court proceeding related to the travel services provided by VMC, the Parties may turn to the Municipal Court of Székesfehérvár according to the seat of VMC. By signing the travel agreement, the Traveler accepts the exclusive jurisdiction of the court.