About us

The Vintage Riders

We love to ride our motorcycles, to enjoy careless freedom, and to take a break from everyday life to explore the unknown. A vintage motorcycle, a couple of folks with us, and a proper environment are essential for the genuine feeling of riding a motorcycle. We put an emphasis on these factors when we organize the trips.

There is nothing more than you, the magical landscape with diverse roads, the music of a vintage motorcycle which cannot be compared to anything else, and the torque which takes you back where everything started while putting a huge smile on your face.

When we wanted to return to the point where we started, we decided to build a couple of vintage BMW motorcycles to ourselves. Even during the first journey, we had the feeling that we have rediscovered emotions and adventures which were forgotten a long time ago.

We wanted to share this with our friends, thereby we made the experience complete.

We are doing this to provide you with some good entertainment; rent our vintage motorcycles or join us with your own vintage motorcycle, make new friends, discover new places, and enjoy adventures while we take care of everything.

BMW R45 cafe racers